Te Araroa: Havelock ZERO

I felt resistant to taking a zero after just two days on trail, but the weather was gnarly this morning, and I figured it would be good to rest before tackling the apparently quite epic Richmond Ranges. I’m still skeptical about that classification, though to be fair, the elevation profile does look especially difficult by Te Araroa standards. Reminds me of the intimidating elevation profile of the AT’s Hundred Mile Wilderness.

Happy to be relaxing on a rainy day anyways, and thankful for unlimited computer access here at the hostel, which has allowed me to update a lot of the formatting on this website, including adding a long-overdue “Subscribe” option on the homepage! But more than anything, I’m just happy to be inside today. I’m more a fair-weather hiker than a balls-to-the-wall hiker at heart. (But don’t tell anyone.)