Seiad Valley Zero

Seiad Valley Zero

July 10, 2014

Start: Halfmile 1662.0
End: Halfmile 1662.0
Distance: ZERO
Cumulative: 1,740.5 Mi

Mountain Goat says it’s not a zero if you have to do chores. I say it’s not a zero if you do any hiking. Now the question is: was today a zero? I slept in until I was good and ready to get up. I watched TV, napped, had lunch and another shake, and got set up for the “24 Hour Challenge.” It’s finally upon me. In a few hours, I’ll depart Seiad Valley and should be to Ashland by 8p tomorrow evening. So is today a nero? A zero? Or a full day? How do I account for these miles? Where do I put them? Does it even matter? No, it doesn’t.

See ya in Ashland.

Ps, get the german chocolate shake at the Seiad Valley Cafe. It’s bombproof. Definitely the best shake I’ve had so far.