Sierra City to Belden

Sierra City to Belden

June 23, 2014

Start: Halfmile 1211.5
End: Halfmile 1246.0
Distance: 34.5 Mi
Cumulative: 1,319.5 Mi

Today was kinda “eh.” There were a few great views, like the one above, but I was mostly down in the trees. Wow, I sound spoiled. Well, of course…I’ve been spoiled for so long! We’re not in the High Sierra anymore. It’s still awesome and pretty, it’s just not Muir Pass and Lake Aloha. Plenty more epic scenes ahead, I’m sure.

I set up my tent again tonight, which makes two nights in a row. It’s a bit unusual for me, since I prefer cowboy camping, but the mosquitoes have been bad enough to justify the effort. They’re not horrid, but they’re certainly unpleasant. It’s nice to get away from the little buggers while I do chores, eat dinner, study my maps, and write in my journal.

Water also hasn’t been as plentiful lately. I had to go off trail twice today, which is a bit unusual. (“Boohoo, I’m a big baby.”) I’m not complaining, only making an observation. It wasn’t very far off trail in either case. I’ll just need to pay more attention to my maps and maybe carry a little more water sometimes as I move further north in California. It’s gonna get hot soon.

June 24, 2014

Start: Halfmile 1246.0
End: Halfmile 1280.0
Distance: 34.0 Mi
Cumulative: 1,353.5 Mi

Sort of an uninteresting day again today. Maybe it’s just my mood? What is my mood, anyways? Big climb up and away from the South Fork of the Feather River this morning. It was just a little too long. I could feel myself getting frustrated, which was odd. Usually I really enjoy the climbs. Anyways, the payoff comes tomorrow. Should be a big descent. Planning to resist the temptation to spend money, and instead to let my momentum carry me right through town and up the other side of the valley. But c'mon, who am I kidding?

Did the math, and I should be to Crater Lake by Friday, July 18th. They’re mostly 30’s, but I’ve been crushing lately, so I’m not worried. I’m a-comin’, Hunny! See you soon, like!

June 25, 2014

Start: Halfmile 1280.0
End: Halfmile 1316.0
Distance: 36.0 Mi
Cumulative: 1,389.5 Mi

Huge descent into Belden this morning. Kept catching glimpses across the valley and thinking: every step down now is another step up later. It was true. Long, relentless climb. Again, frustrated.

Yes, you caught me. The Town Vortex struck. I spent a few dollars on cold drinks and junk food. Gimme a break, I hike sometimes. And it’s in the budget! Went out to the porch for a little “snack ‘n chat” with a few of the other hikers. Guess I’d just missed a big group. No big; I’ll catch ’em soon enough. I was tempted to mosey down the road to get a milkshake– supposed to be the best on the trail. Instead I figured I’d best save my money and try to beat the heat on that climb, so I left. At least I resisted some of the Belden Vortex.

The clouds rolled in as I made my way up and up. It’s been getting hotter lately, so I was happy to see ’em. Maybe that’s what’s been so frustrating: I much prefer cold weather to hot. Gotta get my mind right. More hot to come. When I made the ridge, it was dark. Thick, black clouds as far as I could see. Maybe some weather coming. Looks like my tent is gonna see a little more action. Felt a drop here and there as I made my way to camp, but it never got going. Really grateful that I got to set up dry. I don’t want rain, but if it comes, I’ll be sure to remind myself that I wasn’t cold and wet tonight. I have absolutely nothing to complain about. Life is good!