Truckee to Sierra City

Truckee to Sierra City

June 20, 2014

Start: Halfmile 1155.5
End: Halfmile 1162.5
Distance: 7.0 Mi
Cumulative: 1,234.0 Mi

Big day today: 7 miles. Phew, I’m spent. I’ve been so spoiled lately, but I just couldn’t justify not spending the night here at the Grubb Hut. We stayed here during one of our hitches in 2011. We installed a creek crossing and performed some logout. Since then, I’ve been planning to stay here during my thru hike, so here I am. I arrived around 230p, largely due to the never-ending generosity of the Goat Family, who dropped me right at the trailhead. I’d planned to hitch back, but I was grateful I didn’t need to. It must’ve been 1.5 hours one-way for them. Thank you guys so much!

That was a special experience, being with them in SLT. Those are the moments (and days) that are very much in the spirit of the trail experience. So grateful for – and humbled by – their incredible hospitality, as has been the case so often since starting two months ago.

Being here at the hut is familiar and nostalgic. It makes me think of my crew and the wonderful summer we spent together. I’m so grateful for that team and experience. I learned so much that year.

And then I found Shredder’s parting gift: AXE, Anarchy For Her. (Pictured above in front of the hut.) How he knows me better than I know me, I’ll never understand. Thanks, buddy! Thought seriously about making it a “Flat Stanley,” but ultimately decided it’s not worth the weight, so I put some on and left the rest. Smells nice.

June 21, 2014

Start: Halfmile 1162.5
End: Halfmile 1193.5
Distance: 31.0 Mi
Cumulative: 1,265.0 Mi

Summer Solstice: Hike Naked Day! Typically I’m far more reserved than that, but I was feeling the spirit today, so I participated for a few hours. Don’t worry, I used my bandana as a “courtesy cloth” when I passed day hikers. Fortunately, I only saw one whilst nude. He spotted me from across the meadow and immediately bowed his head. He was clearly ashamed for me, which was fine, because one of us probably should’ve been. And it wasn’t me.

“No sir, it’s the Summer Solstice today!”

He wasn’t amused. I can see why he wouldn’t be. It wasn’t as awkward an exchange as I’d expected; I just smiled and kept along. I might have participated all day, but the mosquitoes were really chewing me up. Besides the novelty eventually wore off and I lost interest. Towards the end of the day, I passed these two dudes who were out with like 12 fourteen year old girls. We stopped and chatted for a bit; they were asking questions about my thru-hike. Obviously, I was happy to be wearing my pants.

Pics or it didn’t happen? (Run into someone or it didn’t happen…)

June 22, 2014

Start: Halfmile 1193.5
End: Halfmile 1211.5
Distance: 18.0 + 2.0 = 20.0 Mi
Cumulative: 1,285.0 Mi

Missed the alarm and slept in today. It’s not unusual for me to miss my watch alarm, so I tend to set the phone alarm when it’s important. That wasn’t the case today; it’s TOWN DAY! But no rush. Rolled in a little before lunch, did my chores, picked up my packages (whoa!), had lunch, and got out of there in time to put in about 15 more miles.

HUGE shoutouts to those responsible for the seemingly endless stream of goodies: Lori and Leo Scott (t-shirt not pictured, because I’m wearing it!); Lainey; Daniel (again!); Gramma and Grandpa (3 for 3!). I'm talking a pile of bars, candy, nuts, everything. Even got some lunch money again…thanks for the Triple Gut Buster Burger, SODA SHAQ(!), and ice cream. The Gut Buster lived up to its name!

I got so much food that I decided to skip Chester and go all the way to Burney from here. That’s 218 miles. Should be fun. Looking forward to the 2,700 foot climb out of Sierra City, especially with my pack bursting at the seams. Look at all those Kit-Kats! (Ahem, Lainey!)