Skykomish Zero

Skykomish Zero

August 16, 2014

Start: Halfmile 2476.0
End: Halfmile 2476.0
Distance: ZERO
Cumulative: 2,507.5 Mi

Zeroed at the Dinsmore’s today. With the end so near, this may well be my last opportunity to update this blog before I reach Canada. I’ll try at Stehekin, but it’s a long shot. Hope you’re all enjoying the read! Had to go into Skykomish today to hit the library and email camera photos to myself, so I could update via my phone. Smartphones are cool like that.

Spent a few hours there and hitched back. Hitching isn’t really my favorite. It’s kind of fun with a few folks, but it’s harder to get rides that way. It’s awkward when I’m standing by the road alone with my short shorts. I feel dirty, like I’m doing something wrong. The longer I stand there, the more awkward I feel, and after a while I catch myself thinking bad thoughts about drivers who don’t stop. Jerk. What’s the problem? I’m pretty. It’s absurd, actually. Like I expect them to cater to my “needs” when I’m the one on vacation. (Part of it is that sometimes it’s so easy and I get spoiled for the next time. Part of it is that I live a charmed life and I’m spoiled to begin with.) Then eventually I catch a ride, and all is right with the world. There is nothing more gratifying. This hitching thing isn’t so bad. And it’s really not. It’s kinda fun, despite my rant. It’s just a love-hate kinda fun.

The above photo is of 6 of us – three on each bench – cramming into an already-packed Cadillac. And then the time I got picked up by a septic truck. And the times I rode in the bed of a pickup truck. And the time I thought I might get picked up by an ambulance. (How cool would that have been?!) See? Fun.