Thorsmork to Landmannalaugar

Long day. Yes, the k's. But more the weather. It started out beautifully- partly sunny and some truly gorgeous photos. It was early afternoon when I began the climb up toward Sodull and over to Storihver, an incredible landscape of boiling melting pots, steam vents, and geysirs. Overcast clouds were thick and it started raining lightly. When I gained the ridge, the wind started howling. It was the perfect compliment to an already epic setting. Difficult, and awesome. I kept myself warm simply by walking hard, and it mostly worked, but eventually the relentless wind and persistent rain brought on the shivers. Naturally I was getting all kinds of looks, smiles, and comments. Hard to tell whether folks thought I was nuts for wearing shorts in those conditions or silly for rocking my tye dye fanny pack. My legs were actually the warmest part of me. They were doing all of the work. It was my bare hands that were suffering. And finally, after hours of exposed ridge walking, the trail dropped down into some cover just above an old lava flow as it neared the terminus at Landmannalaugar.

I took the scenic route through an extensive lava flow and ultimately hiked through Graenagil Gorge to get to Landmannalaugar. It was stunning. Arrived in "town," which is really just a hut and a bus stop, around 6p, a 12-hour day all told. It was still cold, and the best way to stay warm was to keep moving, so I did. I climbed Sudurnamur, which is a sweet little ridge walk with excellent views of the valley and "town" below. I finished around 10p, and now I'm stealth camping in the lava field above Landmannalaugar. I'm way paranoid about missing my bus tomorrow, because doing so would cause me to miss my flight, which would mess up my plans for Greenland. I'm imagining it'll be a restless night, but I've set 8 alarms just in case I do manage to sleep. After all, I am exhausted.

Kilometers Walked: 43.5 + 9