Getting There

Getting There

24 July 2017

Maybe small potatoes for y'all, but getting my passport stamped as I exited the Reykjavik airport this morning was pretty dang cool. First time traveling abroad, and all alone. Here we go, I thought. Had some time to explore the city before catching my bus out to Skogar this afternoon. Pretty cool, but nothing compared to the anticipation I felt about finally trekking the famed Laugavegur.

I had planned for the unreliable weather and wanted to give myself some flex at the cooler sites. One of those was Seljalandsfoss, which is an epic free falling waterfall that you can walk right behind. When I arrived via the bus, there was just a 20 minute layover to explore. The weather was cloudy and moisture hung thick in the air. I was grateful that I'd purchased a ticket on the next bus, which gave me about 3 hours to explore. The clouds were thick, but I got lucky with a few intermittent rays of sunshine. So worth hanging out in the cold and wet without shelter. Then, finally, I got on my last bus of the day arriving in Skogar about an hour later.

Skogafoss is another epic waterfall. Two in one day; it's pretty indicative of how epic this country is. There's a reason it's so popular with tourists from all corners of the world. The weather at Skogafoss wasn't awesome, but the clouds just made for a whole different tone in the photographs- more ominous, more epic.

I found a spot away from the campground to stealth camp. I'm stoked to be doing the Skogar extension, and I want to start fresh tomorrow. Can't wait to see what it entails! For now, just trying to stay dry. And recover from my long flight that included just 90 minutes of sleep. I'm so freakin' tired and completely amped on adrenaline all at the same time. I can hardly believe it: I'm here.