Officially, it was a scouting mission; unofficially, it was a summit bid. All missions – on and off the record – were accomplished. I was on the trail a little before 5a. The hike was pretty easy, compared to some of the others I’ve done. I reached the summit right at sunrise. It was pretty chilly up there for being early August. Ah well, I got to try out my new Melanzana. It was a big investment, so it was nice to sport it sooner than I’d expected. And I wasn’t disappointed. Not to mention that they’re handmade in Leadville, so it was cool to drop a few dollars to support a quality local business.

On the way down, I focused on the work. Coby was up here with some volunteers last week. They got a freakin’ ton done. I dunno how he does it. Well, I kinda do: he doesn’t work with campers, which of course means that he doesn’t have as much fun as we do. Still, it was impressive work. We’re going to be finishing up the timber checks they started and maybe doing a little rock work over the next few days. Should be fun!