This was an impromptu trek. I was at REI in Denver yesterday after we finished up at Evans when I realized that I had enough gear for a summit bid on Mt. of the Holy Cross. It was kind of a big realization, since I’d triaged that peak because I didn’t wanna drive my car 8 miles down a 2WD dirt road that was “passable for most passenger cars.” I had the rig yesterday and the trailhead was on the way back to the yurt (within reason), so I drove in late last night, got a few hours of sleep, and tagged the summit first thing this morning. It was another early, cold morning. The hike itself was straightforward; it’s a total walk-up, very minimal class II scrambling. Fortunately I was up early enough to have the summit to myself. I saw a whole lot of people on their way up as I came down. Per usual, it was nice to be down with most of the day to spare. This one didn’t really blow my hair back, but I figured I’d get it while the gettin’ was convenient. Glad I did.