The fog was thick today as I walked the 7-ish kilometers from the hostel to the airport. I felt plenty anxious. Fortunately when I checked in, they let me switch to the earlier flight, which was already delayed from 1125a to 1220p. Plenty of time yet to make my connection. Sitting in the airport, I could see the sun fighting the good fight. Feeling hopeful.

The flight from Sisimiut to Kangerlussuaq basically retraced the whole of the Arctic Circle Trail. It was really something to look down on all of the lakes and mountains I'd traversed. The whole flight took about 20 minutes, a drastic contrast to the 7 days I'd spent trekking. Both trips across the ACT were special and unique. This whole forray into Greenland has been the best, nearly perfect but for missing the shuttle to the ice cap. Ah well, what would an international trip to a new place be without at least one hiccup? I've learned that I'm actually pretty bad at international travel, but I imagine I'll get better with practice. Hopefully more to come this winter! Dunno if anything will top Greenland, though. This place will always captivate my imagination, and my heart. (And the seafood- god.)