Kangerluarsuk Tulleq to Sisimiut

Kangerluarsuk Tulleq to Sisimiut

06 August 2017

I'm lying in a bed here in the Sisimiut Hostel. Got lucky and have a room all to myself despite paying for just a bunk. Guessing - hoping, more like - it won't change since it's now past 10p. The weather today was a total dream, though the sky looks threatening tonight. Being so close to the sea, the weather is basically a coin toss. Apparently it's pretty common for flights to be delayed here. Hope I didn't use up all my good luck on the trail!

My alarm went off at 430a this morning, but the swirling fog outside the hut window gave me cause to snooze for an hour. I was on trail by 6a. Today's hike started above a thick fog that had settled over the bay and the surrounding valleys. Eventually, the trail descended into the fog which ultimately burned off. The views were incredible today, a wonderful end to a wonderful trek. I took an alternate route into town, which included a side trip up Kaellingehaetten. The climb was just sketchy and scary enough to be really fun. There was a fixed rope section of about 6 meters just below the summit. Oh, that summit. The view down on Sisimiut and out over the Arctic Ocean was unbelievable. The ocean, a deep, dark blue- an abyss.

Finally arriving in town was exciting. The trail first turns to a dirt road, then pavement that leads all the way to the quaint little downtown. This place is anything but touristy. It's small, authentic. (And expensive, but so worth it.) I love it here. Easy for me to say as a visitor. Another example of my endless privilege. I imagine life is actually really difficult in this isolated, harsh environment.

Kilometers Walked: 33.5