Innajuattoq to Kangerluarsuk Tulleq

Innajuattoq to Kangerluarsuk Tulleq

05 August 2017

I woke at 530a to find that a thick, heavy fog had settled over the landscape. The weather has been perfect; I suppose I was due for a tougher day. Fortunately, it wasn't hard to follow the track despite not being able to see more than 25 meters ahead at times. At least there were no mosquitoes, so that's a win. It was chilly with the thick moisture hanging in the air and the intermittent breeze lackadaisically whispering against my bare hands. My feet were soaked as they have been pretty much the whole time. (The bogs are seemingly endless out here.) But today was the first time since the second day that my feet didn't hurt. Grateful for that too.

All in all, I've had a great day. There was a hut near kilometer 16 where I stopped for an early lunch around 10a. I fired up my little pocket rocket stove to make some hot cocoa and warm my hands. I spent 2 hours waiting out the cold fog to pass, watching out the small window as the sun seemed to be fighting to burn it off. I could even see some small patches of blue sky. Was feeling hopeful that the blue would win out, but I was getting cold just sitting there waiting, so I decided to hike on.

Much to my surprise and satisfaction, the weather cleared beautifully almost as soon as I left the hut. Stunning views abounded as I made my way ever closer to Sisimiut. I arrived at Kangerluarsuk Tulleq by 430p. Crushed the k's today. It's early, and I'm still planning to stay here. This quaint hut on a hill overlooking a pristine arctic bay is totally sweet, and it seems I may have it all to myself tonight. It's 9p, and a hiker just cruised by. Unlike him, I'm in no hurry to arrive in town. Quite the opposite, I've been hiking well under my usual pace. There are so many photos I want to capture out here. I've about killed my camera battery every single day since I arrived in Greenland. I've already taken nearly a thousand photos, and my battery pack is spent. My camera is charged to 80% with 33.5 k's still to go to Sisimiut. Hope it's enough.

I wonder if the weather will hold tomorrow. I really want to climb Kaellingehaetten. Also anxious about potential weather challenges for my domestic flight back to Kangerluassaq on Monday. I'd hate to miss my connection back to Reykjavik and have to reschedule another flight. Unfortunately, I haven't given myself much wiggle room for a delay. Rookie move.

Today's highlight was a Blue Arctic Fox sighting! He was so small- looked like a beautiful little onyx-colored ferret. He climbed high above me and watched as I made my way down the valley. Almost captured a photo of him, which I desperately wanted, but he darted off just before I could raise my camera. I watched him as he watched me, but he was way too far away for a picture. Guess that image is just for me.

Kilometers Walked: 35