Ice Cap to Hundeso

Ice Cap to Hundeso

01 August 2017

Hardly slept at all last night. It was cold, an icy, relentless wind blowing off the ice sheet. Spent most of the 3 hours I tried to sleep just shivering in my bag. Sounds miserable, but I'm still high on life. This is life-list stuff. I'm exhausted, and I love it. Every single minute, I love it.

I spent a few hours first thing exploring the ice sheet. It wasn't the epic walls of calving glacier I'd imagined, but it was way cool. It was endlesss, a sea of white, absolutely desolate. I don't think I've ever actually felt that small. One of the coolest things I've ever seen. When I finally felt satisfied, I hit the road. Kilometers to go before I sleep; kilometers to go before I sleep. And those k's seemed to pass slowly. After all, I'd already walked them. I considered climbing Sugarloaf Mountain, but ultimately decided to keep cruising. Hit Kangerlussuaq around 430p and had a snack at the local market. I was back where I'd started. And now there was a 15 k road walk staring me down. Not the most fun I've ever had, but it's part of the deal on this trail. Honestly, it was miserable. End of story. Because I missed my shuttle, I'd walked 92 k's of road instead of 53.5. When I finally hit the trail, I was stoked. Nothing but backcountry wilderness between me and Sisimiut.

I finally arrived at the Hundeso Caravan shelter around 10p. It's a total dump, and there are mosquitoes everywhere, an uninterupted cloud of them. A horde. Of mosquitoes. Ugh. I can see gear through the window, but the door is tied shut from the inside. Whoever's in there is sleeping, so I'm posted up a few hundred yards away. I'm not mad. I think I'd rather be out here than in there anyways. I'm back on schedule, but not without a toll. My feet hurt, and my muscles ache. I'm so tired. Stoked for sleep. And stoked to be here.

This place is incredible. No trees, just wide open tundra and low-lying vegetation. The landscape is dotted with mountains and lakes that I assume have been cut and filled by the perpetually receding ice sheet. And the wildlife is awesome too. I've seen a dozen reindeer, a musk ox, and an arctic hare. Hoping to see an arctic fox before I reach Sisimiut. And maybe snap a few good photos of the unique and beautiful wildlife out here. I'm so inspired here.

Kilometers Walked: 59