Eqalugaarniarfik to Innajuattoq

Eqalugaarniarfik to Innajuattoq

04 August 2017

Basically a rest day. Arrived at the hut around 2p following a gorgeous walk up high through bogs and along lakes. The weather continues to be absolutely wonderful. I'm so grateful. This hut is fantastic. Gorgeous views and perched on the banks of a beautiful lake. I don't have the vocabulary to describe this experience other than to repeat the same few synonyms I can conjur for the word "beautiful."

For just the second time this trip, the mosquitoes were horrible, which kinda figures because I just gave Laura my trusty DEET cream last night. She's allergic to the mosquitoes, and they've been chewing her and Max up. I was happy to share my little mosquito pro tip. Besides, I didn't mind handing off the weight, which they were both quick to tease me about. Turns out the cream worked wonders for Laura today, which I was stoked to hear. Hoping today wasn't a sign of what's to come the next few days. I walk pretty fast, but I was having trouble outrunning the little buggers.

I met another couple today at the Innajuattoq Hut; their packs were also huge. Seems to make for a long, arduous trip. Looks painful to me. Surprised that I haven't seen any other ultralight backpackers out here, which makes me wonder whether I'm the crazy one. It's true I make due with less in camp, that my meals are anything but gourmet, and I'm more uncomfortable in difficult weather, but the walking - oh, the walking - is so much more enjoyable. And I get to see so much!

Kilometers Walked: 20