Greenland Ice Cap

Greenland Ice Cap

31 July 2017

Got up early this morning and headed to the Reykjavik airport. Air Iceland let me check in like 6 hours early, which was awesome. Really thankful I didn't have to keep track of my pack all day long. Landed in Greenland after a quick flight that highlighted how small I am- the seemingly endless "big blue" followed in rapid succession by the equally seemingly endless and desolate Greenland Ice Cap. It was intimidating, actually. Humbling. We landed in Greenland around 6p. My shuttle to the ice cap wasn't scheduled to leave until 7p, so I headed out to buy stove fuel. When I got back, the airport was nearly empty. When 7p rolled around, there was no one at the World of Greenland desk or the gift shop or counter or nearly anywhere. It was erie and annoying. Was this now the second bus of the trip that I'd missed because of an early departure? When 720p rolled around, I just said "screw it" and started walking the 38 k's to the edge of the ice cap. They're only kilometers, right? I like kilometers.

Then, as I walked along, the shuttle to the ice cap passed me on the 4x4 road. I couldn't believe it. I never even saw it in town, but there it was. Ugh. I was so pissed. Of course, I was also grateful to keep my $100, so it wasn't a total bust.

Now it's 330a, and I've finally arrived, camped in the morraine at the edge of the freakin' Greenland Ice Cap. I'm in awe. It's enough to take the sting out of the whole situation. I'm at least 5 hours and about 20 k's behind where I'd planned to be after my first day on the ACT. After missing the bus from Landmannalaugar to Reykjavik a few days ago in Iceland, I had to reschedule my flight, which meant that I had to abandon my original plan to YOYO the ACT. Now I'm playing catch-up just to thru-hike at all. Ah well, through all of that, I'm about as stoked as I can be!

Kilometers Walked: 37